How to succeed

First of all, when reading a job advert you have to work out what the employer is looking for. So, you have to read the job title, the advert content and the person specification.
Then you have to answer to this question: how does your career history fit these requirements?

You might be the best candidate, but you have to let them hnow this thing.

You can apply on our site directly or you can use your ersonal network: friends, colleagues and let them know you’re on the job market.
Make your CV attractive and improve your interview skills to improve the chances to get a job soon.

A Perfect Cover Letter, a step forward

In a cover letter is to highlight your achievements and skills. When applying for a job in the UK, be sure to personalize your cover letter for each application and show that you’ve done your research on the company. Focus on the relevant skills and experience which make you the perfect candidate for that particular position.

The cover letter has to be short and succinct and you have to use clear, business-like language. Five paragraphs which fit onto a single page are enough for a cover letter. The employers must read through it quickly. When applying for a job in the UK, always address your cover letters to a specific person.  At the end, invite the employer to find out more about you by reading the attached CV and make sure your contact details are included in it.